Audiobook Review: Elizabeth II: Life of a Monarch

Born in the 1920s, and still roaring in the 2020s, Queen Elizabeth II started life as an infant who was considered a”minor royal birth” and remains reigning queen today. Elizabeth II: Life of a Monarch is beautifully written by Ruth Cohen and narrated by Jenny Bond and Tim Piggot -Smith. She grew up as the favorite grandchild of King George whom she nicknamed Grandpa England – and planned on becoming a farmer and having lots of children and animals.

Her destiny changed when her uncle abdicated to marry Wallis Simpson and her father became King George VI in 1936. Queen Elizabeth’s parents refused to flee England for Canada and steadfastly reassured England by their continued residence at Buckingham Palace through WWII when Nazis bombed London nightly. Her mother said, “The children won’t leave without me, I won’t leave without the King, and the King will never leave.”

Not long after she married Prince Phillip of Greece, her father died, and she became Queen at 25. Queen Elizabeth II pledged her life to the British Commonwealth and became resilient and adaptable through cultural and familial changes. Excerpts from the Queen’s radio and television broadcasts in her own voice illuminate this delightful Audible edition of Elizabeth II : Life of a Monarch.

Disclosure: I received a copy of Elizabeth II: Life of a Monarch from Audible in exchange for an honest review.

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