Audiobook Cupcake Kitty

Here’s the description from Amazon:

When a singer at their engagement party dies, Grace, Jack, and their Cool Cats, Tatania and Zeus,are on the trail of a killer that leads to Tijuana and a bootlegger’s doll: Cupcake Kitty.

Excerpt from Cupcake Kitty:

“Magical white cat Tatania became impatient with her humans. She could smell a succulent sea bass on the other side of the door. To encourage her humans to open it, she emitted a deaf cat’s glass shattering meow. Zeus, her black and white feline companion, responded to her meow by putting his paws over his head and his rear end up in the air.
“How would you feel about spending a lot of time with me?” Jack asked.
“I feel like I already have,” Grace said.
“It only gets better.” He held up her hand and admired the emerald and diamond ring he’d bought her at Jessop & Sons jewelers last month. He moved it from her forefinger to her ring finger.
“Marry me?”
“Of course.”
He opened the door to the Hotel del Coronado’s Crown Room. A band played the Charleston for enthusiastic dancers. In the center of the dance floor, there was an ice sculpture of two magnificent cats.
“What’s going on?””
“Our engagement party.”
“Why were you so sure I’d say yes?”
“I’m arrogant.”
The Cool Cat Mysteries can be read in any order. If you’d like to know the chronological order of the series, here it is for you:

**Splendid Summer
**Emeralds, Diamonds and Amethysts
**Cher Ami
**Available exclusively in Grace, Jack & Magical Cats Boxed Set Vol I
Meow Baby
Cupcake Kitty
Meow or Never
Catty Corner
Cat Dance
9 Lives to Live
The Fur Will Fly
Right Meow

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  4. Claire T says:

    I’ve read several of these books and they are excellent. The cats solve the mysteries but let their people get the credit. i hope I win a Cupcake Kitty.

  5. Luan Francis says:

    A good mystery on audiobook to listen to with my kitty on my lap. What could be more purr-fiction.

  6. Dianne says:

    I love mystery, cats and the era of 1920’s

  7. Rae Ann Guthinger says:

    I can’t resist a good mystery, especially one where a kitty is involved.

  8. Tracey Phillips says:

    I love a good murder mystery!