Audible Audiobook Review: Common Ground

To look at Justin Trudeau, you have to wonder if Adonis fell out of Greek mythology and landed on earth on the day he was born. One of the surprising things he reveals in Common Ground is that even he went through an acne riddled phase as a teenager and was briefly bullied. He advises to never give a bully the response the bully wants.

Common Ground’s title expresses his desire for Canada’s populace to always look for common ground instead of focusing on inevitable differences. Well-narrated by Colm Feore, in its Audible edition, Common Ground is a memoir and reminder that no one is immune from adversity. Justin Trudeau emerges as a tireless champion of education, mental health, and a solid middle class filled with opportunities. His background as a teacher makes him a leader with unique insight into generations growing up after his own.

He remains aware of his heritage as the son of another Prime Minister, Pierre Trudeau, and stays devoted to his widowed mother’s well-being. After one of his brothers, Michel Trudeau, dies in an avalanche, Justin Trudeau, becomes an advocate for avalanche safety. Common Ground tells the story of the life events that evoked a fascinating leader’s character.

Disclosure: I received a copy of Common Ground from Audible in exchange for an honest review. This post contains affiliate links..

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