Audiobook Review: The Right Stuff

A collective belief that an American astronaut would be the first to walk on the moon bound Americans together through the first space flights. When President Eisenhower decided that space travel should be a civilian enterprise and not a military one, he established NASA. The Right Stuff is Thomas Wolfe’s exciting story about America’s first chosen astronauts and is well-narrated by Dennis Quaid. Although President Eisenhower didn’t bring space travel to the military, the military came to space travel. The United States Naval Academy has graduated more astronauts than any other university. The United States Air Force Academy ranks second in alumni astronauts. The Right Stuff is the catch phrase coined for NASA’s chosen ones.

When John Glenn became the first American to orbit the earth, all of America celebrated together. Traffic cops wept at a parade in John Glenn’s honor in Manhattan. Through listening to The Right Stuff, you can feel like you were present through all the space flight testings with NASA that culminated in triumph. It’s an exhilarating tale of courage, strength, and unwavering belief in infinite possibilities.

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The Right Stuff

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