*Expired* MEOW or NEVER – Free Dec 11-15

From December 11 through 15, enjoy a free download of Meow or Never. Here’s the description from Amazon:

In the 1920s, nothing interesting happens before 2 a.m. When a wealthy stockbroker’s wife disappears, magical cool cat sleuths, Tatania and Zeus, sniff clues as intoxicating as catnip and help human detectives, Grace and Jack, find her.

Excerpt from Meow or Never:

Zeus, a cute and mischievous tomcat, kept following the tide in and out, letting the water sprinkle his nose, and acting surprised when the tide chased him back to shore. Wet, he shook like a puppy. Then, he sniffed each front paw carefully.
He scampered excitedly towards their favorite humans, a slender woman in a sparkling dress, and a muscular man with black hair and skin kissed brown by the sun. Tatania, his white Persian cat companion, looked away. Tatania thought there were a lot of appropriate ways to greet humans. Running towards them like a puppy wasn’t one of them.

You can download your free copy of MEOW or NEVER by clicking on the image above or the link below. And you can always read Kindle books on your phone, tablet, or pc with free kindle reading apps. Happy Reading!

Meow or Never (Magical Cool Cats series Book 7)

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6 Responses to *Expired* MEOW or NEVER – Free Dec 11-15

  1. Corey Clancy says:

    Thank you! Looks like a cute book!

  2. Bonnie James says:

    Gotta love this!

  3. Amy Green says:

    This sounds like such a fun book. I will be sure to pick it up to have on hand for my indoor winter reading. It sounds like it will appeal to both animal lovers and fans of detective stories!

  4. Betsy Barnes says:

    I think this book would be a great gift for my friend!