Mailbox Monday

Two nonfiction books landed in my mailbox this week:

Here is the description from Amazon:

“Think Michele Guinness meets Bill Bryson. Finding Myself In Britain is a witty, insightful look at faith, identity and the quirks of British life by a stranger-turned-friend.
With a conversational style, this book explores rooting our faith in Christ to weather different seasons in our lives. It helps readers look at Britain and its culture with fresh eyes while finding Jesus in the midst of it.

“You don’t have to be an American to enjoy this book. Or British. Or a vicar’s wife. You just have to be somebody who has found themselves in an unusual place, felt a bit out of their depth, and wondered where God was in all of that. That’s most of us, I think.” Bob Hartman.”

Here is the description from Amazon:

“Ariel Bradley is Washington’s boy spy who pretends to be a country bumpkin (a
“Johnny Raw”). He ‘stumbles’ into General Howe’s camp “looking for the mill” his
father has sent him in search of. In reality, he is assessing the strength and numbers
of the British and their Hessian (German) allies. After he is sent on his way by the
unsuspecting English, he reports this to General Washington and his staff. This
information proves key in what became known as the Battle of White Plains.”

I passionately hope that American Revolutionary history will always be taught to students and it was great to receive this book. I’ve also heard that the PBS’ Series, Liberty’s Kids, is exceptional:

Disclosure: I received copies of Finding Myself in Britain and Ariel Bradley from Net Galley. This post contains affiliate links.

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