Out of the Fog – Audiobook Review

There are no stereotypes in this story. What makes someone risk her own life to save a stranger from a hate crime perpetrated by violent bullies? The best explanation I’ve ever heard is that you feel such a strong affinity with the stranger at that moment, you unconsciously believe you are saving your own life when you save him.

Molly Deacon appears to be an ordinary mom out picking up supplies for a girl scout camping trip until the moment she does an extraordinary thing: she rescues a man from bullies violently pummeling him in a convenience store’s parking lot. Worried about GPS tracking, and knowing that the cell phone she relies on to reach help could also lead predators to her, Molly bravely drives Alan Cartwright to what she hopes will be safety.

When the question of whether Alan is whom he seems to be arises, you may feel panic for Molly. But Molly’s instincts never fail her, and the strength of her character propels the story. The great narration by IIyana Kadushin gives Out of the Fog a scary immediacy. Of course I unwittingly added to that atmosphere by listening to it on a night of strong wind gusts and pelting rain.

Out of the Fog is a story that will stay with you. I’m not surprised it was chosen as one of the Best Kindle Singles of 2014. I think classic film director Alfred Hitchcock would be impressed. And right now, you can pick up the audiobook edition or the Kindle edition for less than $3.00.

You can see Out of the Fog at Amazon by clicking on the image above or the link below.

Out of the Fog

Disclosure: I received a copy of Out of the Fog from Audible in exchange for an honest review. This post contains affiliate links.

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