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Helena Rubinstein, growing up poor in Poland, knew she was destined for big things from the beginning. She discovered that lanolin from sheep made a fabulous moisturizer and experimented with lavender and other herbs to create a facial cream that smelled lovely. I was immediately intrigued by the biography of an entrepreneur who said, “There are no ugly women. Only lazy ones.” Here is the description from Amazon:

“Helena Rubinstein was born into a poor Polish family at the end of the nineteenth century; by the time of her death in 1965 she had built a cosmetics empire that spanned the world.

Her scientific approach to beauty was an instant sensation. Women couldn’t get enough of her innovative advice on skincare, and her beauty products were constantly sold out.

This is her amazing life story.”

You can see a copy of Helena Rubinstein at Amazon by clicking on the image above. Wishing everyone a Happy Reading Week and a toast to the 234th Anniversary of the Surrender at Yorktown on October 19, 1781!

Disclosure: I received a copy of Helena Rubinstein from Net Galley. This post contains affiliate links.

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