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I was drawn to Christmas at the Vicarage partly because I had an OMG it’s almost Christmas moment yesterday and partly because the second chance at first love theme reminded me of a dear friend. My dear friend reunited with her first love at a high school reunion. They’d both just ended unhappy marriages. After a few hours, it felt like no time had passed, and they were teenagers again.

They were planning on getting married when he croaked of a heart attack. Many people told my dear friend that they couldn’t have lived through the disappointment. My dear friend said her time with him was a bonus. It was late in the game and her time with him was bonus time. Look for the bonus. Sometimes, life can seem cruel and hard but there’s always a bonus if you look for it. Here’s the description of Christmas at the Vicarage from Amazon:

“A love affair that springs from childhood friendship is all the more intense for its gradual development and, when the affair is severed at a tender age through tragic circumstances, the sting of first love is sharper than ever. Rosamunde, a vicar’s daughter, becomes quite convinced that, just as lightning never strikes twice, she will never know love like her first love again. She ends up settling for second best until – more than a decade later – her past catches up with her in an astonishing fashion, leaving her at a crossroads in her life and, ultimately, at her lowest ebb. The only option seems to be to disappear. Fifteen years later Rosamunde, now 44, decides the time has come to return home to the Vicarage. Peaceful, contented, she is determined to remain single. But as Christmas starts to weave its magic on Potter’s Cove and its residents Rosamunde begins to wonder whether real love can strike more than once in a lifetime after all…

Set over four decades, ‘Christmas at the Vicarage’ is an old-fashioned tale of love, heartbreak and family by a writer inspired by the comforting sagas of Rosamunde Pilcher.”

Disclosure: I received a copy of Christmas at the Vicarage from Net Galley. This post contains affiliate links.

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