FREE 9 Lives to Live Audiobook Giveaway ($6.95 Value)

I’m thrilled to be offering a giveaway of the new audiobook edition of 9 Lives to Live, regularly priced at $6.95. Cats live only 9 lives. But if lived right, 9 are enough. Here is the description from Amazon:

“Only a cat romping through nine lives would solve the most daunting mystery of all. Tatania, the brilliant Persian detective, and her tuxedo cat companion, Zeus, are on the case when the beautiful wife of a hotel conventioneer disappears.

Isabella survived a childhood on the streets of New York before being put on an Orphan Train to California. Years later, she’s a wealthy wife who wanders away from a La Jolla excursion. Grace and Jack interview Isabella’s husband while Tatania leaps on clues that become as intoxicating as catnip.”

To enter to win, email me at with the answers to the following questions:

1) How many audiobooks did you listen to this year?

2) Do you download audiobooks from a subscription service?

3) Do you download audiobooks from Overdrive?

There isn’t a wrong answer! Thanks for stopping by.

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