Rest In Perfection Little Kitty – Remembering Miss Fluffy

“My heart is in the coffin there with Ceasar

And I must pause till it comes back to me.”

William Shakespeare

I never met a being as perfect as Miss Fluffy. She was a cat so ethereal that I wouldn’t have been surprised to see her walk on air. I became interested in writing cat mysteries because she inspired me to think in the cat point of view.

She was a cat unlike any other cat. When Miss Fluffy and her brother arrived, I had a mirrored wall. Her brother thought he saw another kitten, and ran right into the mirror. Ouch. Miss Fluffy paused, sticking one paw out in front of the other slowly, until she figured out she was looking at her own reflection. She liked to think things through.

She had impeccable manners. She’d leap over a table set for dinner without knocking over a thing on it. And she never jumped on anyone. She politely jumped over people. I’ve had cats who woke me up meowing in the middle of the night. She wasn’t one of them. She liked to sleep through the early morning hours. I guess she was an eccentric cat.

When there was a full moon, she liked to stay up late and watch nocturnal animals. Then, if the alarm woke her up in the morning, she would snarl a little. That was the only time she wasn’t all purring, fluffy sweetness.

I called her tech support kitty because she could open programs, show me how to set auto email response, and even shop for the best prices online. And she could do it simply by walking across the laptop. Sure, I had to replace a keyboard or two if she clawed a key off but no pristine keyboard could match the beauty of her company.

And she was adorable. I would look at her and think, if I live to be one-hundred and two, I’ll never see a face as cute as you.

She died unexpectedly. Someone once told me that pets are like people. You never know how long you’ll have them. At least with people, you can remember things you didn’t like about them and that helps. With Miss Fluffy, may she rest in perfection, that’s not an option. I wish she could have spent all nine of her lives with me.

Be grateful everyday for your pets. You never know when God will need one of them back.



If you’ve lost a pet, don’t hesitate to call a pet loss support hotline. The veterinary school pet loss support hotlines are staffed by veterinary students and they want to help. If you call the phone numbers listed below, the pet loss support line volunteers can direct you to available resources:

Chicago Veterinary Medical Association: 630-325-1600

Cornell University Veterinary School: 607-253-3932

University of Tennessee Veterinary School: 865-755-8839

Pet Loss Support Groups are available through the Chicago Veterinary Medical Association and the University of Tennessee Veterinary School.

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