The Cat Who Puts The Wit in Twitter: @CatFoodBreath

Neighbours Siamese

Definition of Renaissance man: “A person with many talents or areas of knowledge.”  Definition of Renaissance cat:  “A cat with many talents and areas of knowledge., i.e., @CatFoodBreath.”

With nearly 50,000 followers, @CatFoodBreath, a self-proclaimed “17 pound Siamese cat with a sushi habit”, is a Twitter star.  Or, it has been said, “The brightest star in the Twitter firmament.”

When CatFoodBreath isn’t busy trying to sell the dog on Ebay, or accidentally knocking over coffee cups, or making plans to appear in a James Bond film and say “Name is Breath.  Cat Food Breath”,this awesome cat shares the feline perspective on current events of international importance, shrinking windowsills, the joys of finding humans at animal shelters, holidays, and snacks — with a wit to rival Oscar Wilde’s.

Here are a few awesome tweets from @CatFoodBreath:

“Power nap:when you sleep on someone who is less important than you.”

“Life without cats is like an unsharpened pencil….there’s no point.”

“I’m not fat.  I’m easy to see.”

“Are you lethargic?  Have a finicky appetite?  Sleep a lot?  Not very motivated? You’re not depressed; you’re a cat.”

“By tomorrow: I need a plan to get up on the table, grab a 24 pound turkey, and make a get-away with it without getting caught.”

“Don’t like my attitude? Call 1-800-GET-ADOG”

“That’s not snoring you hear.  It’s aerobic purring.  I’m exercising, even though it looks like I’m sleeping.”

If you’re not reading @CatFoodBreath’s tweets on Twitter, and reading CatFoodBreath’s blog, , you are missing out!

Image: Originally posted to Flickr as Neighbor’s Siamese by Cynthia McCravey. From Wikimedia Commons

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