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“A story of inspiration and transformation for the really desperate housewife—now a TV series from the creator of Sex and the City, starring Sutton Foster and Hilary Duff!

She’s old enough to be his mother.

Alice has always looked young for her age, even with her graying hair and her dowdy New Jersey housewife style. Make that ex-housewife: Now that her husband’s gone and her daughter is grown, Alice is in desperate need of a whole new life. So she lets her best friend Maggie, a hip New York City artist, transform her on New Year’s Eve. Soon, thanks to the wonders of hair dye and tight jeans, Alice looks really young, as one night in a Manhattan bar confirms. At midnight, she kisses a boy who was in diapers when she was in high school.

She’s having too much fun to care.

The white lie Alice tells Josh gets her thinking that if no one asks her age, she doesn’t have to tell. So she applies for a job she had briefly before becoming a full-time mom—and gets it. Meanwhile, Josh is falling head over heels for Alice, who’s just way cooler than girls his age. He figures she’s about twenty-nine—and for the first time since she was twenty-nine, or possibly ever, Alice feels that life is ripe with possibility. Unfortunately one possibility is that she’s gonna get caught.

Challenging the adage that the truth will set you free, Younger is a hilarious and insightful story that proves that you’re only as young as you feel.”

Younger, written by Pamela Redmond Satran, and splendidly narrated by Meghan Wolf, offers hours of listening fun. Meghan has a keen narrator’s talent for making voices distinct and telling a story you want to hear.

Younger is the story of a woman redefining herself after her husband’s unexpected departure. As Alice emerges from life as a stay at home mom, she discovers that romance and the job market favor the younger. It’s how Alice handles the expectation and assumption that she’s younger than her chronological age that transforms her.

Alice confronts the proverbial boss from hell with wit and charm and forges her own way in a challenging industry. When a former neighbor mistakes her for her adult daughter, she grapples with whether she should offer a correction. The question of what Alice will reveal to whom and when keeps her story intriguing.

And whether she’s with her boyfriend, best friend, or daughter, she’s so likeable that you’ll find yourself hoping she gets everything she wants in life.

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Disclosure: I received a copy of Younger from Audible in exchange for an honest review. This post includes affiliate links.

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