Then You Happened

Here is the description from Amazon:

“When Sierra’s father died, he left her in charge of the family business. At the age of twenty-eight, Sierra Adams became CEO of Adams Advertising & Design, one of the top ten advertising agencies in the world. Her work was her life. She lived and breathed it every day, leaving little time for play. Having once been in a relationship that completely destroyed her, Sierra vowed to use men for one thing only: SEX. No strings, no problems, and most importantly, no heartache.

Cameron Cole is an ordinary guy that makes a living as a carpenter. He’s a simple man who’s happy with life the way it is. He does a job he loves, has a great group of friends, and a close knit family.
When Sierra hires Cameron to remodel her Hollywood Hills home, their happy little worlds are turned upside down. She likes the rich things in life and he likes the simple things. While there’s no denying the strong attraction between them, they form a hilarious friendship where sex is the only thing Sierra wants. Cameron can’t help but want more and makes it his mission to bring Sierra into his simple world and show her that there’s more to life than just all work and money.

Take Cameron and Sierra’s journey in this romantic comedy as they discover that when life hands you limes, you have no choice but to break out the tequila.

This book is for readers 18+ due to mature theme and language”

Sierra is a fearless and funny heroine. Listening to the fun banter between Sierra and Cameron made me glad I chose the audiobook edition of Then You Happened by Sandi Lynn. This contemporary romance is well-performed by narrators Emma Woodbine and Brian Pallino.

Cameron has enough confident masculinity to keep him from being intimidated by Sierra’s CEO status. He takes her from the boardroom to outdoor spontaneous sex on a boat. The whole outdoors is their love nest. And writer Sandi Lynn brings emotional layers to their story. Then You Happened is the first in a series by Sandi Lynn.

You can see the audiobook edition of Then You Happened at Amazon by clicking on the link below:
Then You Happened

Disclosure: I received a copy of Then You Happened from Audible in exchange for an honest review. This post contains affiliate links.

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