The Final Silence by Stuart Neville

Rea Carlisle gets a house the old fashioned way: inheritance. While she’s exploring her bequest, she discovers what appears to be a serial killer’s journal. It includes mementos of his victims and the chills begin in this tense novel.

Rea’s Dad, a politician, admonishes her to stay silent about the journal. She tells her ex-boyfriend, Jack Lennon, who is described as a “disgraced police inspector” in the book’s blurb. Although this is Book 4 of a series featuring Jack Lennon, it can be read as a stand alone novel. It’s a bleak world filled with characters who often reek of despair. Jack Lennon’s determination provides something to cheer as he navigates a dismal life. He perseveres despite drug and alcohol addictions and discovers, with a few twists along the way, the killer’s identity.

I listened to the audio book edition and George Doyle’s narration offers a strong sense of atmosphere.

Disclosure: I received a copy of The Final Silence from Audible in exchange for an honest review.

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