Saving Forever (Ever Trilogy Book 3) by Jasinda Wilder

The Ever Trilogy by Jasinda Wilder is the story of four people with three romances among them: Ever, Eden, Caden, and Carter. Ever and Eden are twin sisters.

I listened to the audio book edition of Saving Forever before I read Forever & Always (Book 1) and Saving Forever (Book 2) and I learned something: Never be afraid to read a book out of order in a series because if it’s well written you can not only enjoy it without reading sequentially, you can experience it with a completely different perspective.

Saving Forever opens with the voice of Carter, who is one of those guys who stare at girls without speaking. He’s staring at Eden, who is beautiful, haunted, and pregnant under the most complicated of circumstances. Carter volunteers to restore the cottage where mysterious Eden lives alone. When Carter begins speaking, stimulated by Eden, every word from him is meaningful. He tells her that she shouldn’t define her life by a mistake. This is a book about forgiveness and redemption. Carter, when he’s not swimming, or working at his wealthy family’s winery, devotes himself to evoking self-acceptance in Eden.

Ever wakes from a coma to discover a betrayal that would probably make some women want to go back into a coma. But Ever is stronger than that. With persistence, she finds out why her husband, Caden, looks so guilty. Ever’s choice to forgive her husband may seem saint-like or masochistic or both. But it’s her choice. And if there’s something that resonates powerfully in all these characters, it’s that they make choices. No one is passively dragged through the story.

Jasinda rocks again in the audio book edition narrated by Piper Goodeve and Gabriel Vaughan.

Disclosure: I received a copy of Saving Forever from Audible in exchange for an honest review.

AND….I just learned that Book 1 of the Ever Trilogy, Forever & Always, is free on Kindle, so click on over to Amazon if you haven’t read it yet:

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