Emily: Sex and Sensibility “What is the point of all that wealth if I can’t spend it on you?”

“What is the point of all that wealth if I can’t spend it on you?”

This is one of the most charming things said by the hero, Marco Santini, in Sandra Marton’s Emily: Sex and Sensibility. (The Wilde Sisters)

Marco, up from the slums of Sicily, and rich through his own talents, vowed never to fall in love again after discarding a mercenary first wife. Then he meets Emily, a woman determined to make it on her own merits, instead of buoyed by her wealthy family.

He offers her a job as his assistant at six figures a year with health insurance benefits, a clothing allowance, and four weeks paid vacation. Emily negotiates for more. She matches him in self-assurance. They negotiate as only the sexually attracted can negotiate and they’re immediately off to Paris on a business trip.

Emily: Sex and Sensibility is ultimately a romantic fantasy written by an assured and experienced writer. I listened to the audio book edition narrated by Devra Woodward. Since I’ve been listening to more audio books, I’ve developed an appreciation for talented narrators and Devra Woodward is one of the best.

Marco is not only well-endowed financially. He’s physically impressive. And he’s witty. What’s not to like about a hero who describes the heroine as the “most beautiful, most brilliant woman any man has ever known?” I’m not sure I believed that he didn’t notice that other beautiful women around him are beautiful besides Emily because, um, he’s a man. But again, this is a romantic fantasy and it’s well done.

Disclosure: I received a copy of Emily: Sex and Sensibility from Audible in exchange for an honest review.

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