A Dickens of A Cat

A dear cousin just sent me this book — with an awesome cat fashion purse I’ll post about later. And I thought, what more can be said about how awesome cats can be? Are these stories going to blow me away? Answers: A lot. Yes.

My favorite among these touching stories about cats and their humans is the story of a young girl who inherits her mom’s cat when her mom dies giving birth to her. She keeps her mom’s cat and feels her mom remains imprinted on the cat they both loved. The cat affirms her memories of her mom. It’s thought provoking. What do our pets tell us about the humans they knew before us? Lets hope they only carry good memories.

If you’d like to read A Dickens of A Cat on your Kindle, click on the image above. And remember, you can always read Kindle books on free Kindle Apps — for your computers, tablets and phones. Click on the link below for free Kindle apps:


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