Downton Abbey Season 4 Finale

Like just about everything, Downtown Abbey’s Season 4 Finale is now available on Amazon. I looked forward to this season because it’s set in the 1920s. Bees Knees. I love the 1920s. And as Rose becomes more charming, I’m going to include her on a list of top flappers.

Downton Abbey is blessed with a costume designer of impeccable taste. Anything pre-1920 appears banished and the dresses sparkle like the optimism of the decade. In the twenties, for someone with ingenuity and determination, doors opened that had been shut before. Edith understands that she can make her own decisions and isn’t hampered by her father’s expectations. While still hoping that Michael is alive, Edith finds a way to bring her baby from Switzerland to Downton. The “pig man” will raise her without revealing her identity even to his wife. If the show continues for many seasons, I predict Edith’s fierce independence will bring the baby to the big house.

I still miss Matthew Crawley. While Tony and Charles seem likeable, I’m at the stage where they’re merely NOT MATTHEW. Sorry for shouting. I just think Mary and Matthew’s romance, and Tom and Sybil’s romance, made the show more compelling.

The juxtaposition between dying estate life and modernism carries through the season and crystalizes with the final exchange between Cora’s Mom and the Dowager. I’m paraphrasing here but Cora’s Mom explains that when she looks in the mirror, her world becomes nearer, and when the Dowager looks in the mirror, she sees a world growing farther away from her.

Here’s hoping that everything you want in the world is coming nearer to you.

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