Why I Love Firemen and Military Heroes

This video of a fireman saving a kitten gets me everytime:

Awhile ago, I locked my key in my car. It was night time and I’d gone shopping by myself — not something I recommend. I went back in the store and told someone at the customer service desk and he got a hanger and was accompanying me out the door to the parking lot to help me when someone else who worked at the store stopped him and said, “Don’t help her. If anything gets damaged, she could sue us.” I kid you not.

I thanked the nice guy for the hanger and am embarrassed to admit that about five minutes later, I still hadn’t managed to get the car door open. I heard a masculine voice ask me if I needed help. He stood about ten feet away from me. Not so close that he would startle me but close enough for me to hear him speak quietly. He was over six feet tall with a muscular build and one of the best looking faces I’ve ever seen. And he was wearing an Army uniform.

He accomplished getting the door opened in less than 30 seconds. And when I thanked him, he said,

“I wasn’t going to leave you here.”

That’s why I love firemen and military heroes. If you’re a kitten in a burning building, a fireman isn’t going to leave you there.
And if you suffered under a dictator’s regime during WWII, or are just a girl who locked her key in the car, an American Soldier isn’t going to leave you there. Thank you to the heroes.

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