It’s Not Too Late To Take A Class at Yale This Fall

It’s not too late to take a class at Yale this fall. For free. Seriously.

Open Yale Courses offers courses including The American Revolution, Financial Markets, American Novel Since 1945, and Modern Poetry.

Yesterday, September 3, 2013, was the 230th Anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Paris that ended the American Revolution. I watched a lecture on The Importance of George Washington. Great professor and topic.

If you’d like to find it, you can click on the link for Open Yale Courses below. It will take you to a new page with “Courses” on the the top left corner. Click on Courses, and you’ll go to a new page where among the interesting classes, you’ll see The American Revolution. “History 116” Click on “The American Revolution”, and you’ll go to a new page where you’ll see “SESSIONS”. Click on “SESSIONS” and you’ll see all the lectures for The American Revolution.

I’m sure you’ll find something you’ll like.

At Open Yale Courses

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