June 1927 Glam Travel on the 20th Century Limited

In Splendid Summer, Grace and Jack meet on the glam 20th Century Limited train from New York to Chicago. Grand Central Station rolled out a luxurious red carpet for 20th Century Limited passengers. Before you even stepped on the red carpet, an attendant appeared to carry your baggage for you.

The 20th Century Limited turned 25 in June 1927. In its June 25, 1927 issue, the New Yorker noted that passengers could even take phone calls before the train journey began and “Eventually, we are told, there will be a wireless telephone, good for the entire trip.”

Passengers could expect gourmet dining, valets, comfy beds, stenographers, barber shops, and a glimpse of a movie star. Mail service even carried a 20th Century Limited post mark.

And in 1935, a video captured the glorious 20th Century Limited:


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