Magical Cool Cat Mysteries Boxed Set Vol 1 Free July 15-16

Welcome to the Roaring Twenties!

Splendid Summer…The Roaring Twenties are rocking again. Magical White Cat Tatania helps her human operatives solve mysteries without missing a nap. When Grace Wentworth loses her last living relative and all her money, hot Detective and WWI Aviator Jack Brewster gets the case. Grace is learning to lead her own life instead of just following it around. Startled by Grace’s lack of deference to him, Jack recognizes his romantic equal.

Emeralds, Diamonds and Amethysts….And when a special collection of emeralds, diamonds, and amethysts disappears, Magical White Cat Tatania will direct her human operatives, romantic Roaring Twenties Detectives Grace Wentworth and Jack Brewster to its location without missing a nap. The Roaring Twenties rock again while Grace and Jack romp through another adventure.

A Christmas Feral…Judge Scrooge won’t even heat his home for Christmas in this Roaring Twenties’ short story. Judge Scrooge says that when you pay the bill, you don’t feel the cold. When Judge Scrooge rules incorrectly in a cat dispute, Magical White Cat Tatania and her companion Zeus teach him the meaning of keeping Christmas and cats.

Cher Ami unmasks the heart’s power to transcend and to destroy. Romantic Roaring Twenties Detectives Grace and Jack and the irrepressible magical cats are back. When two apparently unconnected people die within minutes of each other, magical cats Tatania and Zeus are on the scene immediately. As quickly as they can unspool a ball of yarn, Tatania and Zeus unravel a mystery that includes a bird with a lion’s heart and the bonds of father and son.

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