Of Loews and Cats

At a Loews Hotel, when you check in with a pet, you’re given a welcoming letter from the General Manager’s pets addressing your pet as a V.I.P. aka Very Important Pet. Loews offers pet toys, pet treats, pet placemats, and a special Pet Room Service Menu. Their welcoming letter suggests that dogs leave their humans’ cell phone number with their staff so if they get lonely or just feel like barking, their staff can let their humans know. And for pet privacy, they have a special door hanger showing the head of a dog with the tag line, “Heads, You’re In” on one side and the other side showing the Tail of a Dog with the tag line, “Tails, You’re Out”.

Loews is featured in Fancy Feast’s famous Honeymoon Planning Video here:


So it seems completely antithetical to this animal loving hotel’s values to trap and take feral cats away to shelters where they were reportedly killed. Through the power of social media, it became widely known that Loews Orlando Florida locations were trapping and taking away feral cats last week. I’ve never stayed at an Orlando, Florida Loews. I’ve stayed at another Loews with a pet and Loews lives up to their Loews Loves Pets promotions! My pet definitely felt like a Very Important Pet. To Loews credit, they’ve cared for feral cats at their Orlando, Florida locations for years and stopped trapping and taking feral cats away in response to the outraged concern expressed throughout social media venues.

Loews announced that it will welcome suggestions for its feral cats at input@loewshotels.com. I hope and pray that things will work out for the feral cats and thank Loews for listening.

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