Roaring Twenties Ingenuity Returns and The Great Gatsby

Want a smoking hot holiday cocktail? Try a Cranberry Cosmo with a little dry ice to make it smoke. So I was chatting with a friend about Architects for Animals, a group of brilliant New York City architects, competing to build the best designed shelter for feral and stray cats in the city, when he said, Do you know some of those architects are also designing buildings where you drive your car into the elevator, and take it to your residence floor? I told him they were designing that in the Roaring Twenties.

And in the Roaring Twenties, they were designing clock radios with phonograph records. You set the clock, attached to a phonograph record, and at your desired time, the record began playing your favorite song. Roaring Twenties ingenuity is returning.

If you want to fall in love with the Roaring Twenties, try reading The Great Gatsby. F.Scott Fitzgerald reached rhapsodic heights of eloquence in The Great Gatsby. And The Great Gasby is now available on your Kindle. You can read one of the best Roaring Twenties’ tomes with a click of your Kindle “in under a minute”.

And you can instantly watch a movie version of The Great Gatsby from Amazon Instant Video:

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