Spreckels Mansion Roaring Twenties Grandeur

Built in 1908, for a gentleman called the “Patron Saint of Coronado”,  John D. Spreckels’ Mansion on the Bay has been restored to its Roaring Twenties Grandeur by the Glorietta Bay Inn.   Art Deco bannisters line the marble staircase to bedrooms where John D. Spreckels, Lillian Spreckels, and their children and grandchildren once slept.   Architect Harrison Albright’s Italian Renaissance Revival design works well with art deco chandeliers and features.

After withstanding the 1906 San Francisco earthquake, John D. Spreckels chose architect Harrison Albright for his expertise with concrete.  The mansion has foot-wide reinforced concrete walls.  In John D. Spreckels’ music room, white orchids bloom amidst historical family photographs.   John D. Spreckels once owned the Hotel del Coronado, the San Diego and Arizona Railway, Coronado Tent City, untility companies, and enough land to require  payment of ten percent of San Diego’s real property taxes.  

Men of comparable wealth have mansions that become museums.  Glorietta Bay Inn is extraordinary because it offers an opportunity to sleep in a room where a land baron once lived and share his view of the beach and bay.  The Glorietta Bay Inn’s superb staff adds to the mansion’s charm by enthusiatically answering all inquiries.  You can revel in Roaring Twenties Grandeur at John D. Spreckels’ very own Mansion on the Bay.

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