Prohibition, Al Capone, and Got Milk?

Imagine Al Capone in a Got Milk commercial. When I watched Ken Burns’ Prohibition with a nice Merlot, I heard a jaw dropping statement attributed to Al Capone. He considered entering the dairy business because “more people drank milk than booze” and “the mark up was higher”. He thought he may have been in the wrong business all along.

Emboldened by conquering and controlling liquor, Al Capone, perhaps like any successful CEO, expanded his empire. He reportedly controlled labor unions, plumbers, soda pop peddlers, motion picture projectionists, and city workers. Mercifully, he never made a grab for milk. And dairy farming continues to be a noble profession as wholesome as its product.

I highly recommend watching Ken Burns’ Prohibition. It’s a chance to experience a significant time in American history. Now I’m off to erase the image of Al Capone with a milk mustache from my mind.

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