Lois Long’s Turmoil of the Holidays

No can tell it like Lois Long aka Lipstick at The New Yorker. In December 1926, she wrote:

“The turmoil of the holidays now being upon us, people with headaches and hangovers are wistfully contemplating exeunts either to the bracing wintry air of Montreal or Lake Placid, or southward to that dear Florida, which still seems to be just where they left it.”

For Palm Beach attire, she recommends the “French hand-made silk dresses that every smart woman buys in quantities”. What wears well in Palm Beach would also wear well in Roaring Twenties Coronado — the West Coast’s Boardwalk Empire.

Yet how could women pay for the “French hand-made silk dresses” in an era where Coco Chanel’s models could barely afford sustenance? In defense of paying models poorly, Chanel reportedly said: “Let them take lovers.”

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