Thank You Petties for the Honor of Choosing My Tweet!

Thank you to the Petties for choosing my congratulations tweet to Modern Cat as one of your two best!  The Petties honor winning pet bloggers with awards of donations to the animal shelter or rescue of their choice   This year, the Petties are also generously donating $1,000 to the shelter or rescue of choice of the winners for two best tweets during the ceremony.  

Today, Christina at the Petties let me know that my tweet, “Congratulations on the #Petties Modern Cat!  Your designs are as intoxicating as cat nip!” won for one of the best tweets!   Modern Cat won best designed blog. 

For the $1,000 donation, I’m choosing PAWS of Coronado in honor of Tatania, the magical white cat in Splendid Summer, my book set in Coronado in the Roaring Twenties.  It’s also in honor of the memory of Beautiful Tasha, the cat who stepped up to play the role of Tatania on the cover of Splendid Summer  and on this website.   Thank you Petties for the honor of choosing a donation for the animals!

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