Roaring Twenties Purina and Fancy Feast Today

One of the fascinating aspects of Roaring Twenties research is finding successful companies that still flourish today.   When we look at Roaring Twenties’ companies, we repeatedly find visionary leaders overcoming adversity.

William H. Danforth, the founder of Ralston Purina Company, beseiged by ailments as a boy, rose to a teacher’s challenge to become the healthiest boy in the class, a story he later told in his book, I Dare You.    He became a CEO known for his healthy vitality.  During the Roaring Twenties, Ralston Purina Company began selling Purina’s chows to enthusiastic pet consumers.  And William H. Danforth dared his employees and everyone reading his book to reach their potential —- physically, mentally, socially and religously.

Today, Ralston Purina Company’s Fancy Feast division has a video for Fancy Feast Cat Food, The Engagement, that’s been viewed on youtube over 1.1 million times:   Here’s a link to it

I can envision William H. Danforth saying today, I dare you to make a video that’s viewed over 1.1 million times!  He said that fundamentals never change.   Culture has changed but nature has not.

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