Chanel No 5 — 1922 to Today

When I read about Harrods’ World of Chanel exhibit today,  first, I put it on my list of big events in London I’ll miss this year.  It runs for three weeks.   Then, I considered Chanel No. 5, launched in 1922, and probably the only Roaring Twenties’ perfume still splashed today. 

A dear friend of mine wears Chanel No. 5.   I will forever associate it with her exquisite 16th Arrondissment Parisian apartment and impeccable taste.  Before the purses, and Karl Lagerfeld, Chanel was a Roaring Twenties’ stylist.  As timeless as No. 5, Chanel’s little black dress made its debut in 1926.  

 And in Splendid Summer, set in the Roaring Twenties, Heroine Grace Wentworth wins a bathing beauty contest wearing pearls that would make Chanel proud. 

Splendid Summer is available on in the U.K. and the U.S. and Barnes and Noble

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