Faith in the Future and National Aviation Day

 In 1939, in honor of the Wright Brothers, FDR proclaimed August 19th National Aviation Day.  Of course one man defined Roaring Twenties Aviation like no other: Charles Lindbergh. 

Ryan Air of San Diego built the aircraft that carried Charles Lindbergh to Paris in May 1927.   Charles Lindbergh had faith in the future.  When Charles Lindbergh repeatedly parachuted out of air mail planes before his Paris flight, he earned the moniker, Lucky Lindy, because thirty-one out of forty air mile pilots were killed in the first year.  He didn’t stop flying.

If you know me, you know I love classic movies.  I watched Top Gun and highly recommend it.  Top Gun plays homage to hot and brave Navy Fighter Pilots.  And when the hero loses his confidence, he finds it again.   He has Charles Lindbergh’s faith in the future.

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