Jack Brewster, Grace Wentworth and Tatania

“When I was born the Doctor slapped my mother.”   Jack Brewster quote.

Aviator and Detective Jack Brewster barely made it out of WWI alive.  Some of his buddies weren’t as fortunate.  For those who fell, Jack will honor their sacrifice by ridding the free world of criminals.  He’s a graduate of West Point’s Class of 1915….forever known “as the class the stars fell on”.    

“The only one who really needs a mink coat is a mink.”    Grace Wentworth quote.

When Socialite Grace Wentworth’s uncle and guardian mysteriously dies, and her trust fund disappears, she’s determined to solve the mystery and effectuate justice.  Jack Brewster learns that the difference between beautiful Grace Wentworth and a pit bull is a pit bull eventually lets go.   Grace Wentworth, a descendant of Revolutionary Colonial Americans, will forge her own way in the Roaring Twenties.

“MEOW”  Tatania quote.

Wet and bedraggled at only a few weeks, Tatania is saved from the breeder trying to drown her in the ocean by Jack Brewster.   The breeder thought Tatania’s deafness would mar her pedigreed bloodline.  This bedraggled kitten morphs into a magical white cat defined by her fierce loyalty to Jack.  Tatania speaks her own language and for those who can understand, she’ll solve mysteries and save lives.

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