Coming for Christmas – MEOW NOW BROWN COW

MEOW NOW BROWN COW will be released on Christmas Day and you can pre-order by clicking on the link below:

With her delicate feline nostrils flaring, Tatania catches the scent of fire first. Flames threaten a dairy farm where Tatania spent one of her nine lives. In an abandoned building on adjoining land, a charred body remains unclaimed.
Jack, Grace and Tatania fly to the scene in Jack’s biplane. Without missing a nap, Tatania uncovers a killer out to steal the most precious resource of all.

Meow Now Brown Cow (Magical Cool Cats Mysteries Book 11)

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FREE: A Christmas Feral November 27,28,29,30 & December 1

Judge Scrooge learns the meaning of Christmas and cats in this homage to A Christmas Carol. AND…A Christmas Feral is FREE to download on Kindle on December 27,28,29,30 and December 1. Just click on the link below to go to A Christmas Feral:

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Mailbox Monday (1)

I am looking forward to listening to this audio book: Targeted: How Technology is Revolutionizing Advertising and the Way Companies Reach Consumers by Mike Smith. I just downloaded it today for review. Thank you, Audible.

Wishing everyone a blessed Thanksgiving.

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Emily: Sex and Sensibility “What is the point of all that wealth if I can’t spend it on you?”

“What is the point of all that wealth if I can’t spend it on you?”

This is one of the most charming things said by the hero, Marco Santini, in Sandra Marton’s Emily: Sex and Sensibility. (The Wilde Sisters)

Marco, up from the slums of Sicily, and rich through his own talents, vowed never to fall in love again after discarding a mercenary first wife. Then he meets Emily, a woman determined to make it on her own merits, instead of buoyed by her wealthy family.

He offers her a job as his assistant at six figures a year with health insurance benefits, a clothing allowance, and four weeks paid vacation. Emily negotiates for more. She matches him in self-assurance. They negotiate as only the sexually attracted can negotiate and they’re immediately off to Paris on a business trip.

Emily: Sex and Sensibility is ultimately a romantic fantasy written by an assured and experienced writer. I listened to the audio book edition narrated by Devra Woodward. Since I’ve been listening to more audio books, I’ve developed an appreciation for talented narrators and Devra Woodward is one of the best.

Marco is not only well-endowed financially. He’s physically impressive. And he’s witty. What’s not to like about a hero who describes the heroine as the “most beautiful, most brilliant woman any man has ever known?” I’m not sure I believed that he didn’t notice that other beautiful women around him are beautiful besides Emily because, um, he’s a man. But again, this is a romantic fantasy and it’s well done.

Disclosure: I received a copy of Emily: Sex and Sensibility from Audible in exchange for an honest review.

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Saving Forever (Ever Trilogy Book 3) by Jasinda Wilder

The Ever Trilogy by Jasinda Wilder is the story of four people with three romances among them: Ever, Eden, Caden, and Carter. Ever and Eden are twin sisters.

I listened to the audio book edition of Saving Forever before I read Forever & Always (Book 1) and Saving Forever (Book 2) and I learned something: Never be afraid to read a book out of order in a series because if it’s well written you can not only enjoy it without reading sequentially, you can experience it with a completely different perspective.

Saving Forever opens with the voice of Carter, who is one of those guys who stare at girls without speaking. He’s staring at Eden, who is beautiful, haunted, and pregnant under the most complicated of circumstances. Carter volunteers to restore the cottage where mysterious Eden lives alone. When Carter begins speaking, stimulated by Eden, every word from him is meaningful. He tells her that she shouldn’t define her life by a mistake. This is a book about forgiveness and redemption. Carter, when he’s not swimming, or working at his wealthy family’s winery, devotes himself to evoking self-acceptance in Eden.

Ever wakes from a coma to discover a betrayal that would probably make some women want to go back into a coma. But Ever is stronger than that. With persistence, she finds out why her husband, Caden, looks so guilty. Ever’s choice to forgive her husband may seem saint-like or masochistic or both. But it’s her choice. And if there’s something that resonates powerfully in all these characters, it’s that they make choices. No one is passively dragged through the story.

Jasinda rocks again in the audio book edition narrated by Piper Goodeve and Gabriel Vaughan.

Disclosure: I received a copy of Saving Forever from Audible in exchange for an honest review.

AND….I just learned that Book 1 of the Ever Trilogy, Forever & Always, is free on Kindle, so click on over to Amazon if you haven’t read it yet:

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The Final Silence by Stuart Neville

Rea Carlisle gets a house the old fashioned way: inheritance. While she’s exploring her bequest, she discovers what appears to be a serial killer’s journal. It includes mementos of his victims and the chills begin in this tense novel.

Rea’s Dad, a politician, admonishes her to stay silent about the journal. She tells her ex-boyfriend, Jack Lennon, who is described as a “disgraced police inspector” in the book’s blurb. Although this is Book 4 of a series featuring Jack Lennon, it can be read as a stand alone novel. It’s a bleak world filled with characters who often reek of despair. Jack Lennon’s determination provides something to cheer as he navigates a dismal life. He perseveres despite drug and alcohol addictions and discovers, with a few twists along the way, the killer’s identity.

I listened to the audio book edition and George Doyle’s narration offers a strong sense of atmosphere.

Disclosure: I received a copy of The Final Silence from Audible in exchange for an honest review.

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No Land’s Man by Assif Mandvi- Home Within Himself

In his own voice, Assif Mandvi tells the story of never feeling fully Indian, British, or American in his charming memoir. He’s home within himself. And he’s the perfect narrator for his own life story in the Audible edition of No Land’s Man.

He describes going from India, to a British boarding school where he’s bullied, to America. Even the bullying stories are told in a funny way. Good and bad things happen to all of us. The difference is that when someone is gifted with wit and humor, he can tell even the bad stuff in a hilarious way.

He talks about living within one culture when you’ve emerged from another. His father admonishes him, “Order like an American!” when he turns down a larger size drink for only 39 cents more.

There’s a deeper question here too. How do you define yourself when some people have already defined you just by looking at you? If you’re Assif Mandvi, you do it with wit and persistence.

Disclosure: I received a copy of No Land’s Man from Audible in exchange for an honest review.

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Downton Abbey Inspires A Jewelry Collection

It’s the Cat’s Meow when Downton Abbey inspires a jewelry collection:

And just in time for Christmas, a pull bell ornament…

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MEOW for Catseye London’s Purrfect Small Purses

My dear cousin, who sent me the charming book, A Dickens of a Cat, also introduced me to Catseye London with the beautiful purse pictured above. If you click on the image, it will take you to Amazon where I also found these stunning Catseye purses:

Who can resist this kitten?

The coin purses are available at the time of this posting for about $8.00. And,there’s also this mesmerizing eyeglasses case in the collection:

Click on any of the images above to go to the product page on Amazon. I love the cat eyes on the eyeglasses case. Happy shopping!

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A Dickens of A Cat

A dear cousin just sent me this book — with an awesome cat fashion purse I’ll post about later. And I thought, what more can be said about how awesome cats can be? Are these stories going to blow me away? Answers: A lot. Yes.

My favorite among these touching stories about cats and their humans is the story of a young girl who inherits her mom’s cat when her mom dies giving birth to her. She keeps her mom’s cat and feels her mom remains imprinted on the cat they both loved. The cat affirms her memories of her mom. It’s thought provoking. What do our pets tell us about the humans they knew before us? Lets hope they only carry good memories.

If you’d like to read A Dickens of A Cat on your Kindle, click on the image above. And remember, you can always read Kindle books on free Kindle Apps — for your computers, tablets and phones. Click on the link below for free Kindle apps:


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